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AAA TV Repair has been helping people in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, San Fernando Valley and Ventura County for over 25 years. AAA TV Repair offers the best and skilled technicians who have over 25 years of television repair experience in town . Our company is dedicated to give you the best solution for your TV repair needs.

We are a mobile tv repair company that operates in your area.

We are a fast, convenient and reliable TV repair and service.
We work on all brands and models.
From 7am to 10pm 7 days a week we are ready to help you.
Holidays and After Hours Service is also available by appointment only.
We do same day house calls.

There is no extra charge for in home service.

All TV repairs are done on premises by factory trained technicians.
Most repairs will be completed in one hour or less.
There is a $50 in home service charge (includes estimate and trip charge).
*If estimate is approved by the customer, the service charge will be waived and you will only be charged for parts and labor.

You may also get a free estimate over the phone.

You may also get a free approximate estimate over the phone. Please have your TV brand, type and model number available before calling.
(Brand, Type and Model number are located on the back of your television.)
We stock and install all DLP lamps.
We use only factory original parts guaranteed by the manufacturer.
All repairs are guaranteed for 90 days parts and labor.

Santa Clarita TV Repair Prices

AAA TV Repair for Santa Clarita
House Call $50
If TV is not repairable or estimate refused $25
House Call will be applied to final bill
Flat Labor Rates
All TVs up to 47″ inches $95
Over 50″ inches $150
House Call will be applied to final bill
Labor rates include House Call fees

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Ventura County TV Repair Prices

AAA TV Repair for Santa Clarita
House Call $75
If TV is not repairable or estimate refused $35
House Call will be applied to final bill
Flat Labor Rates
All TVs up to 47″ inches $95
Over 50″ inches $150
House Call will be applied to final bill
Labor rates include House Call fees

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LA County TV Repair Prices

AAA TV Repair for Santa Clarita
House Call $75
If TV is not repairable or estimate refused $35
House Call will be applied to final bill
Flat Labor Rates
All TVs up to 47″ inches $95
Over 50″ inches $150
House Call will be applied to final bill
Labor rates include House Call fees

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SF Valley County TV Repair Prices

AAA TV Repair for Santa Clarita
House Call $60
If TV is not repairable or estimate refused $30
House Call will be applied to final bill
Flat Labor Rates
All TVs up to 47″ inches $95
Over 50″ inches $150
House Call will be applied to final bill
Labor rates include House Call fees

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  Went to Yelp looking for TV repair found AAA TV repair called talk to Bruce told him my problem he explained a few different things came to my house to do  a service call did a repair within an hour extended the life of my TV for a few years will recommend highly to all my friends very knowledgeable person

thumb Brian M.

  We live in a Thousand OaksWestlake area and found Bruce to be the best service man ever. Bruce was very professional and knowledgeable. Our Sony TV was fixed on the same day. On a Sunday!!! Highly recommend him.

thumb Robert C.

  Called Bruce and he asked me a bunch of questions on resetting my TV before he came out trying to fix my problem over the phone for free. When nothing could be done over the phone, he came out found the problem quickly, then helped me get all the documentation I needed to send to my credit card company warranty claim. Very professional, would recommend A+

thumb Kyle A.

  I had another TV repairman out 3 weeks ago and he did nothing to solve the problem and charged a lot more than Bruce.  I had a problem with my music channels cutting out during the day for 15-20 minutes at a time and it was very annoying.  I also had no sound on my Netflix and the TV only coming out of my stereo speakers in stead of the TV only.  He checked everything and I mean everything and determined that it was the power board as well as a bad ROKU box and a problem with my AT&T Uverse.  (Music cutting out)  He only charged me the service call and asked me to call him back when I got the new Roku box and he would come right out and replace the power board and I should be good to go.  He can be a little abrupt but that is just his custom.  Just look past that and you will be fine.  ha! Griffen

thumb Griffen M.

  Based on the exceptional reviews on Yelp I called this service to analyze a problem with my Vizio TV.  Bruce was prompt in coming to my home the very next morning.  However,, he discovered that the TV could not be repaired and recommended that I replace it.I went to Costco today and purchased a brand that he recommended.   Apparently there are 2 web sites for AAAtvrepair the one with direct link on Yelp (DO not use this link it is old) and the new link with updated information when searched through Google. Bruce is now working with his web site manager to have the new AAAtvrepair hot link installed on Yelp. He was willing to  install my new tv and made a special trip to Simi Valley to correct my error in connecting audio to my head phones  He has made me a happy customer from this commitment to outstanding service.

thumb Douglas H.

  Bruce was amazing and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. I had an issue with my 5 year old 50" Panasonic not turning on. I called Bruce before opting to go and buy a new one. He knew what the issue was just based on the amount of blinks my tv was showing. Arrived the next day with the part and installed it on sight. Unfortunatly it looked like I had another issue because once we got the tv to turn on the picture was not clear. No problem, Bruce knew what the issue was and decided it best to take it to his shop and return it once finished. He told me up front it would be about 2 days. 2 days later I get a call telling me it was ready, and it was delivered back the same day and is working better then ever. Bruce is the best, he's very knowledgable and polite. If I have an issue with any of my tvs in the future, Bruce is my guy.

thumb Josh G.

  I couldn't be more pleased with the service I received from AAA Television Repair.  Bruce is a true expert at repairing TVs.  He even set the colors, brightness, etc to make sure that we were getting the best picture quality.  My 50" plasma looks amazing.  Thank you Bruce!!

thumb Veronica K.

  Bruce is a godsend to our local community! We called Bruce up to diagnose our Samsung SmartTV and he immediately knew what the problem was and how to fix it. He was very straight forward and offered a lot of tips and information that we found extremely useful. Moreover, our power board (which was the issue the first time) went out after a couple of months unfortunately and Bruce came running back with a new power board and fixed it no questions asked (we had a 90 day warranty)! My husband and I highly recommend giving Bruce a call should you ever run into any issues with your TV(s) - even if you are looking to get a second opinion or need advice - he's your guy!

thumb Mia R.

  This guy is the absolute best.  I called him and explained to him the trouble with my TV.  He asked for the make and model, asked a couple of questions and said, "You don't want to repair it.  It's the display panel.  It will cost the same as a new tv."  He didn't say, "I have to look it at, which will cost $150," nothing like that.   As if that weren't great enough, he then spent 10 more minutes telling me which new TV I should buy, and where I should buy it. Fifteen minutes on the phone, and I will never go to another tv repair guy.  Honest, knowledgeable and generous with his time.  I can see why he has so many five-star reviews. By the way, all of the above happened on a SUNDAY!  I thought I would get voicemail, but I got the guy, and he was extremely helpful.

thumb Drew L.

  Bruce is beyond fantastic. He is super knowledgeable and if I could give him more then 5 starts I would! He just came to my house and sought out the problem and helped me find a way to fix everything that had happened. He goes out of his way to help you and you can't find a lot of people like that these days. I would definitely recommend and use him again!

thumb Bianca L.

  If there were more than 5 stars I would have selected them.  TV repair can be a crap shoot.  I went with Bruce from AAA TV Repair due to the high ratings and positive comments he received.  I was NOT disappointed.  He responded immediately to my phone call; arrived when he said he would; called if delayed.  Once he found the problem he had to order a part that was very difficult to find.  It took a couple of weeks but he communicated with me throughout this time giving me updates on when the part would arrive.  He is very dependable, friendly and a no BS kind of guy.  He will tell you if it is worth repairing your TV.  Since his price was reasonable (labor charge) and the cost of the part acceptable, we decided to repair our LG TV rather than dumping it.  I don't think I would buy another LG in the future according to Bruce.  Let's keep the 5-star ratings going!  Thanks, Bruce!

thumb Joe N.

  Bruce was a lifesaver for our Samsung LCD TV. He was able to diagnose and fix the problem quickly and didn't try to sell us on replacing any parts until he tried more cost-effective solutions. Luckily, his first attempt required no additional parts and we only had to pay for labor. He also changed a lot of the settings on our TV and improved our picture dramatically. I would definitely use him again and highly recommend him to anyone in need of TV repair work.

thumb David G.

  Bruce just left. This has been the most pleasant and successful contact I have ever had with a TV technician. Really we should call him a TV expert. From my first phone call to the end of his service call, I was impressed and confident with all he did. Highly recommend Bruce at AAA TV

thumb Joseph C.

  Bruce is fantastic! Very honest, fair priced. He fixed our TV, brought it back, and it went out on us after a couple days. We called him up, and he came back for it. He gave us a loaner to use while he fixed our TV, to get it right. Our TV has been working like a champ since! It's so important to find someone who is honest, knows what they're doing, and is passionate about what they do. Bruce is all of those things! Highly recommended! Thanks to Conni for recommending!

thumb Naomi V.

  Ask for Bruce-Straight shooter, and wow he knows his stuff. Most often you DON'T need to replace your TV, just ask for Bruce-thank me later!

thumb Robert B.

  Called him for a 55" Samsung repair Spent 60 seconds diagnosing my problem. "You need a new TV, your panel is shot!"

thumb Scott M.

  Bruce is fantastic! Funny guy and fixed my 8 year old Samsung.  One company refused to look at it because I had tried to remove the back.  Too bad for them. New Capacitors and I can watch my favorite shows again.  He made sure everything was working and set correctly before he left.   And he tested other parts to make sure they were still good. Glad I called AAA- better service and less expensive.  I won't be consulting YouTube again- I'll just call Bruce.

thumb Anna L.

  Flat screen Samsung died and I called Bruce based on Yelp! Reviews. He was here the next day, on time, with the right part (power board), and ten minutes later my TV was working again. Bruce is prompt, skilled, professional, and friendly. He should be your first call when your TV checks out.

thumb Stephen G.

  Bruce is THE TV WHISPERER!!   We have a 55" Sony DLP. I called AAA TV Repair on a Monday and explained what was going on.  He asked how many times the power light was blinking and he said he knew what was wrong "sounds like the power board is out".   Sure enough, he came the next day and within an hour, he replaced the power board and had the tv working.   He not only got the tv working but showed us the proper settings to get the max out of our tv.

thumb Gina K.

  I called Bruce today to fix my Panasonic.  I have never called him before but had been quoted a house call charge from another repair company that was higher than what Bruce charged.  I found his charge to be very reasonable.  We set an appointment time with a 2 hour window and Bruce arrived on-time and maybe a little early.  He was immediately professional as he was prepared to go to work and fix the problem.  He was very knowledgeable about my older TV and had the parts needed to fix the problem on the spot.  His charge for the entire job was fair and reasonable.  He also moved my DVR player to another location as a favor to me at no charge.  I would use Bruce again anytime and will refer him and his services to others without hesitation.

thumb Steve G.

  Called Bruce based on other's comments here on yelp.  Said he would call me back in 15 minutes and did.  Asked several questions over the phone about my 10 year old Sony 60 inch LCD.  Said most likely was a bad power supply issue and he would come between noon and 2:00 same day.  $50 house call charge that would be applied to any repairs.  Bruce showed up at noon.  Within 8 minutes he confirmed that the power supply was the problem.  Rather than taking the power supply board to a shop for an exchange of a rebuilt one, he replaced the faulty component (IC) on the board in my home. In addition he checked, cleaned and tuned-up my settings resulting in a picture that is just as good as new!!!!!! Charge was $300 which I consider fair.  I don't know what the value of the component he replaced was, but in labor alone he was here for two hours.  He is very experienced and thorough.  I would not hesitate to use and recommend Bruce, Aaa TV Repair to anyone. Phil B.

thumb Bob S.

  I have a big screen 65" DLP television that stopped working.  I called AAA.  My call was promptly returned and the repair man (Bruce) was at my house a few hours later.  The problem was harder to fix that originally estimated but he stuck with it, got it fixed and kept the price within the original estimate. I was extremely pleased with the service I received and I don't hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  If I ever have a problem with a television, he's the guy I will call. David Praver

thumb David P.
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